A Torinói ló (2011)


A torinói ló (“The Turin Horse”, 2011) dir. Béla Tarr and Ágnes Hranitzky

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Black Hole “Before and After” Series by Charles Burns

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House Morran / Johannes Norlander Arkitektur

The house is located on an island just by the sea fairway to the port of Gothenburg. The project is a transformation of a warn-down cottage from the 50’s with an extension from the mid 70’s. The building volume and most of the structure has been kept intact, in order not to exploit the landscape but just to refine and strengthen the qualities already existing on the site.

The new facade is cladded in plywood, coated in black pine tar just like the traditional way of preserving wooden boats. The roof is coated in simple tar paper and has thin plywood eaves with integrated aluminum gutters, coated in black. The interior is all in natural pine and where plywood is used for both cladding and construction.

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new work and healed work with rose

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Natalie Wood

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